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Aeon Entertainment

What we do at AEON Entertainment

The production gives us reliable production pipelines in the 2D area which enable an efficient and timely delivery of any production. Our goal has always been to set up dependable and at the same time flexible structures to exploit all possibilities of the medium. We combine traditional animation craft with advanced techniques. Continuously, we are using new digital possibilities and rise to the new challenges of production.

The range of activities extends from the complete production to individual areas in current, modern formats and in diverse styles: Idea and concept, script, character design, storyboard, production, direction, animation, graphics, art direction, special effects, editing and compositing as well as product films, teaching- and school-videos, corporate and event presentation, corporate video, web Digital presence, music and comedy video, commercials, sequences in TV, animated logo.

The studio constantly strives to enhance and improve its production processes and pipeline. The goal is to always deliver a product that reaches the highest quality standards on time and on budget.

Our Services

IP and content development

Identifying existing IP or generating a new Idea. Involves Asset Procurement, fund scheduling and Integration of Resources.


Preparation of Script, Character Design, Story Board and Layout


Development of Specification regarding Character, BG, paint and Ink and VFX

Post production

Final Sound Recording, Color Effects, testing and Special Sound Effects.

Marketing Distribution and exhibition

Promotion, Distribution Video, DVD Release, Cinema and TV.